Because everyone should be able to enjoy locally sourced fresh products

We all want to enjoy clean, healthy and locally produced food and taste the refreshing difference.

Our mission is to change how food is produced in the world. Little Garden ™ concept enables our customers to enjoy local food in every city, state and continent no matter where they live.

Our expertise and roots are more than 30 years in state-of-the-art greenhouses where we cultivate the world’s best greenhouse vegetables with carefully guarded recipes.

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Introducing our team

CO-founder and head grower Robert Jordas has deep roots in agriculture. His Finnish home Garden in Lindkoski is place where his family has farmed since 17th Century. In 1997 he started Robbe’s Little Garden and through is innovative mindset and curiosity has become one of the leading Greenhouse professional, gardener and investor. The Little Garden implements many of his knowhow and trade secrets.

Over 13 acres of prestiges land in LaBelle will be home of our first Florida greenhouse. Phase one has over 100.000 Sqft growing space for baby leaf production. Our production sets new standards for food safety, quality and freshness. Our production will be shipped no later than next day from harvest by our exclusive distribution partner.